Wednesday 1 May 2013

Friend to friend fundraising from Finland

I like this from Plan Finland.

Fundraising is broken. As the film says...

"Fundraising is broken.

More people than ever are in need.

But on the street fundraisers are ignored."

This campaign aims to crack peer to peer, or friend to friend fundraising. The concept is simple and brilliant. The process looks a bit clunky - but it's raising money and getting attention so it has a good chance.

I worry about the requirement for Facebook logins and app authorisations in campaigns like this, as I fear they may suppress response. But in this case it's part of the process, it is the idea, if you want to share something with a friend, it's all about Facebook.

You can see more on the Girls Can website, there is an English version.

I saw this originally on Connor Byrne's blog. Which is a great blog. Go see.

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