Thursday 22 November 2012

Moustaches everywhere I look...

I struggle a little bit with Movember. I recognise it's a fabulous fundraising campaign but the sight of all those wispy moustaches makes me feel a little queasy.

However, not wanting to get a reputation as a grump and a killjoy I tweeted this..

As you can see Valsileios was the first to respond. So that's who I gave to. Giving to Valsileios made me realise that I only ever give by text or PayPal, unless of course I am completely obsessed by the organisation, (looking at you Send a Cow). But, I digress.

On the payment confirmation screen there is this fab video. Simple and brilliant.

As a donor I get a real sense of what my money will do. I've just given to Valsileios, not Movember, so in my mind it's critical that donors to these types of campaigns move past the novelty moustache quickly. This video really did that for me.

And if you haven't sponsored anyone yet, sponsor Valsileios. He's a top chap.

1 comment:

  1. THANK YOU for the donation and promotion Mr de Gregorio. It is a tradition at the Access Group every year to have at least 10 MoBros doing Movember. We have raised more than £1,500 already and we are ranked #430 out of 29,650 teams in the United Kingdom. In addition, we have a tray of sweets next to a Movember donation box (a £1 per chocolate bar) that I "honour" every day, like most of my colleagues as well. I think Novembers will never be the same again - ever. It is an institution! Vasileios Kospanos