Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Fwd: Your pickpocket oyster card holder

I quite like this email appeal for Ken's election campaign.

A really simple & tangible ask based on something that will quite obviously help spread the message.

If I were fundraising for the Labour Party, I'd be lobbying like crazy to be able to get the same payouts from the networks as charities from text donations. It seems such an obvious fit.

And once the political parties have parity with charities, it would be nothing but good news for Greenpeace and other campaigning groups who at the moment can't take full advantage of text giving due to low network payouts.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Iain McNicol, General Secretary <london@email-new.labour.org.uk>
Date: 31 January 2012 15:37
Subject: Your pickpocket oyster card holder
To: Paul de Gregorio

Paul --

Last weekend was a great achievement for London Labour Party. With over 100 canvassing events held in every constituency in London speaking to thousands of voters across the city. It was one of the biggest campaign days in the history of London Labour Party.

This campaign is being fought street by street and we are taking nothing for granted. We are out organising the tories and as the General Secretary of the Labour Party I promise you that this campaign will be the best it possibly can be.

We want to win. Just two weeks ago the London team launched a new campaign highlighting the increase in transport fares under Boris and Ken's Fare Deal. We have now produced these great oyster card holders that reproduce the image of that recent advertising campaign.

The problem is we just can't afford to print them and we want to print 100,000. We can only print them if we raise £10,000 to pay for it. If you donate as little as £10 we will send you 5 oyster card holders in the post and you will help fund the cost of them being produced for campaign.

Donate at least £10 now and get 5 oyster card holders –www.kenlivingstone.com/donate

The reality here is that the Tories have more money than us. But with over 40,000 members in London we can come together and out organise them and with your help we can do great campaigns like this one.

Just £10 will help us pay for this campaign – donate what you can today here

Thank you


Iain McNicol 
General Secretary of the Labour Party

PS We are currently running a prize draw for dinner with Eddie Izzard. For £5 you could win a dinner for 2 with Eddie. Click here to buy a ticket

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