Friday 18 February 2011

Bluefin Tuna with added Mobile and QR Code

Another brilliant example of video put together in an infographic style, that very clearly articulates the scale of a problem. In this case the scandal of over fishing Bluefin Tuna. I love it because the 4 minute video gives a huge amount of information in a very accessible format. There isn't much of a solution offered in the video, but a website is promoted at the end.

To bang the drum about mobile again, I really look forward to the point at which videos like this are used in supporter welcome and retention communication plans and delivered to supporters and prospects via their mobile phones. Maybe by scanning a QR Code! (Go on! Download the software and scan this one!)


I found this example on Osocio, which is a great site pulling together social advertising and charity campaigns from around the world.

QR Code was of my own making! Well it was made here.

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