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I'm Paul and I work at Open where I'm Director of Digital Engagement (previously Head of Mobile which was an odd job title and didn't come close to covering all the stuff I was doing).

I've had loads of jobs before I started fundraising in 1996. But fundraising is the only one that my Mum would call proper.

I work with amazing charities, non profits and colleagues to fuse creativity, strategy and technology in order to create brilliant campaigns and products.  Campaigns and products that are designed to move people to act and make that action as easy as possible.

I've worked with a lot of amazing organisations, some for longer than others - they include Cancer Research UK, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Amnesty International, Save the Children, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, The Labour Party, WWF, UNICEF UK and National Trust. And many many more.

I blog about the things that I like and that inspire me. Which mostly means fundraising and campaigning, with a mass response and digital slant. But not exclusively so. There is the very occasional rant, but you'd be best to ignore those.

Most of all I try to be positive and leave the negativity to those who don't get to go outside very often.

I can be found all over the internet. At the moment that means Twitter or Instagram. And occasionally Flickr.

All views are mine. I probably believed what I wrote when I wrote it. And I'm happy to change my mind as I learn, realise I'm wrong or the data changes. So expect loads of contradiction.