Friday 7 October 2016

MobileMagic: the Trumpet Trump edition...

Trump’s grassroots fundraising driven by 'huge' burn rate. I applaud this sh!t fundraising.

The Evolution of Mobile in Clinton and Trump’s Campaigns. More from across the pond.

How mobile is changing the way we respond to disasters. SMS, apps and WhatsApp. It’s all there. But then it would be. Because we are mobile init. turns to the power of video. This is actually big news, all the social channels optimise their platforms for video and doing the same thing could have a huge impact on whether your petition flies or not. We are all becoming filmmakers. I made a brilliant one here, (not really).

Are charities making it easy to donate via mobile? What do you think the answer is?

These 2 Brands Made a Facebook Messenger Bot to Draw Awareness to Ethiopia's Water Crisis. I missed this at the time.

Are You Really Okay With The Idea Of Creativity?  Not digital or mobile. But a very good read from the often excellent Sell! Sell! Blog.

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