Friday 10 June 2016

MobileMagic: the POLVO edition, (I went to Lisbon)...

Cashless Britain advances as contactless and debit cards thrive. But what about all those people who want to send a cheque?

85 percent of Facebook video is watched without sound. So you need to think about this when you make your lovely film.

Patients less likely to miss NHS appointments if they warned of cost. Stumbled across this. May have posted it before. Soz.

Technology and the death of civilisation. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

How to Start an Influencer Campaign.  I’m becoming obsessed (I’ve always been obsessed) about the potential of fusing campaigning and fundraising and how we translate campaigning techniques into our world of fundraising. This article is a good read if you want to see a bunch of campaigning techniques in one place.

Financial Times and their WhatsApp sign up page if you want inspiration for yours...

Eighth Humans of New York crowdfunding campaign raises $250k in 24 hours. The proof that the fundraising model is starting to change - is here. You need content, you need to drive a reaction online and you need to get on with it.

And not to shoot my own whatsit too much I’ve got my blogging mojo back this week.

You are not the audience…   Fiona & Me went to an ace talk by Arnie Graff and it got me thinking about how we could be better.

Alternative sources of inspiration... I’m always looking for inspiration from outside the fundraising bubble. I found some in this book about ‘disaster capitalism’ whatever that is.

Facebook won't make you any money... I was a bit blown away by the correlation between Facebook promoting Voter Registration and voter registration figures. We can’t say for sure that the link is real. But the two things may be linked…

And this is just beautiful and brilliant.

And no. I don't know why I used that image. But as I sit here and type, in an office that cleared an hour ago I'm listening to very loud hip hop music. So it might because of that...

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