Sunday, 4 October 2015

An alternative to the same old same old...

I wrote a blog the other day with the title ‘Ignore all gurus. Read fewer fundraising blogs. (Yes, including this one).’ And I meant it.

The point buried somewhere in that post was that there are too many fundraising blogs. All covering the same circular debates with no real alternative to the status quo. Which isn’t very exciting or inspiring.

In that post I suggested we should seek inspiration from elsewhere, so here is a list of places on the internet I look at when I need that inspiration or an alternative view.

Mobilisation Lab. One of my favourite corners on the internet. And great people in real life. I had the pleasure of attending one of their events in the woods just outside of Arnhem a few years ago and I’m still drawing inspiration from my experiences with them. The blog has loads and loads of case studies on how the Greenpeace network and affiliates is using tech to win.

Springwise.  A place to see examples of problems that are solved by taking an alternative view.

Meta Activism.  A look at how digital drives activism. 

The Sell! Sell! Blog. A blog that at times can push my thinking and state the obvious in an uncompromising way. Good brain food. 

Two US agencies, Precision Strategies and Blue State Digital. The former set up and staffed by some people who worked at Blue State Digital. Both a great place for a look across the pond at smart things happening in political campaigning & fundraising.

We Are Social. A phenomenal resource for up to the minute thinking and global stats on all things social.

Benedict Evans. Not a blog, but a email list you won’t regret signing up for.

Mobile Fix. And another ace email to sign up to.

I’d love to hear about blogs that inspire you. But please, no purely fundraising ones...

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