Monday, 27 August 2012

Mobile in Africa 2012 & how to tell stories in 2013!

Just under a year ago I blogged about mobile use in Africa as I'd found a great source of information.

The same organisation have updated the information for 2012.


Mobile phone penetration in Africa is truly astonishing. Amazing for the population there and a lesson in the importance and acceptance of mobile for us here. All from a place that has jumped straight over big screen to the small screen.

So what? Does this mean anything for fundraising?

Well we're constantly searching for an authentic voice. Authentic could be connecting donors in the UK with the communities they are helping across the world via their mobile phone. Pictures, words, videos from the places your money is being spent. Real stories of how it's being used. Real connections with real people and no filtering by HQ. How amazing would that be?

Like this. An example from AJ Leon that I blogged about last October after hearing about the project at IFC 2011.

Pretty soon I hope to be involved in something similar.

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