Friday 1 September 2017

MobileMagic: the 46 edition...

Scale of Messaging Landscape 2017. Another article which includes my current graph crush. The one that shows messaging app use out stripping social media site use. Swoon.

A (not so) humble brag. Mobilise is five…

How Asos gets 58 percent of customers to buy on mobile. How many donations do you get from mobile?

This edition’s bot article. Our experiment using Facebook chatbots to improve humanitarian assistance.

Facebook Live has loads of potential for campaigners & fundraisers. This is a great article from MobilisationLab on how to do it right. How to use Facebook Live to extend your reach and scale movements.

The revolution will be WhatsApped. Colombia's path from revolution to social media campaign. Another banger from MobilisationLab.

Those last two are a taste of the type of thing I’m including in my newsletter. Do Something. Anything. Where I’m collating the best mobile type links with a whole bunch of other stuff from fundraising to activism all with a digital or technological slant.

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