Tuesday 10 December 2013

MobileMagic: Silver

Voice messages mobilise farmers amidst India drought. Excellent use of SMS and IVR by Greenpeace in India. I love the missed call tactic to build a petition and capture data.

How text messages help the Polaris Project zero in on human trafficking. Really great SMS based helpline type system story from The Washington Post.

Silver. Not Gold. We went to another awards dinner. DMA’s with Friends of the Earth and came back with a Silver. We did the mobile bit. Bees, remember them?

Half price meals for diners who switch off their phones. No. We don’t have WiFi. Talk to each other.

U.S. Smartphone Ownership Reaches All Time. 62.5% in the USA. Two years ago we used to worry about those that didn’t have a smartphone…

Report: Most Consumers Don’t Trust NFC. I love my contactless things and really thought this would catch on…

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