Wednesday 19 October 2011

#IFCholland my first day...

I've had a great first day at #IFCholland.

I've met a few people in real life that I've been following on twitter for ages which was brilliant. And went to see @BeateSorum's session on digital fundraising which I found really inspiring.

Inspiring because Beate included four great video's in her presentation.

You've all seen this one before, today it brought a tear to my eye (again).

I hadn't seen this WaterAid advert before - I was laughing at the beginning, by the end I was feeling extremely uncomfortable.  I love this ad. 

And this one, this means a lot to me. I'm honoured to be friends with Stuart Glen, I've never met him but was moved to donate to his son Mackenzie's charity: water page because the passion for the cause was so genuine. 

Then there was this video. The CEO of charity: water sent Mackenzie a personalised thank you video. How cool is that! As Beate pointed out, we should all do a LOT more of this type of thing. It doesn't matter how big you are, you can make the time to do it.

And finally, right at the beginning of her presentation Beate showed us this video - jam packed full of great stats and insight.

Best of all was Beate, she was everything I wanted from the IFC today. Someone who was really passionate about their job, talked about it was loads of enthusiasm and made me smile. A lot. 

If you're on twitter you should follow her. She rocked it.


  1. great post paul - keep them coming...

  2. Good stuff - I saw the thank you video Stuart got, it was gobsmacking. The funny thing is that me and Howard Lake and Stuart spent a while on Twitter working out how they'd automated it so convincingly - shows you what jaded technocrats we all are nowadays!

    Then we found out that the charity:water team had actually taken a whole day off to record 250 thank you videos, and that Scott genuinely had chosen Mackenzie out of all those donors because they shared a birthday. To me that makes it a whole order of things greater :-)

  3. On a less serious note, HOW many key changes were there in the sound track for that last video? I lost track after three ;-)

  4. Hey Adrian, the charity: water stuff was really inspiring. I loved the fact that they did 250 videos in a week - I think I'm going to have to watch them all!