Around the web

A collection of articles I've written or interviews I've done for other web sites or publications.

April 2017; The Charity Digital Toolkit. I was asked to contribute to this and said yes. I contributed to chapter 9, with an article on how digital is changing behaviour.

March 2017; Charity Digital News, What's the future of digital. They asked ever so nicely if they could run one of my blog posts on their website & I said yes. Although I'm not 100% sure of the title.

September 2016; 101Fundraising, Asking the right questions. An opinion on the questions we should be asking in order to drive the most effective change in fundraising.

June 2016; The Guardian, Digital donations are the future. An article based on an interview with me.

April 2016; Third Sector, Untapping the potential of Messenger Apps for charities. Some quotes from me.

2016; Fundraising & Philanthropy Australasia Magazine, (Paywall), The future is fundraising with our thumbs!

March 2015; 101Fundraising, What fundraisers can learn from how activists are using mobile.

March 2014; An article in Charity Times that I was interviewed for.

October 2013; 101Fundraising, Fail Fast, Fail Forward. Thoughts on social media for fundraising, picked up at IFC 2013.

March 2013; The Guardian, Why charities should be using mobile phones to connect with donors.

October 2012; Spring Giving, Sometimes what you need is right in front of you.

October 2012;, Mobilising charity. Some opinions on mobile & fundraising.

October 2012; Guardian Voluntary Sector network blog, Digital is key to sector sustainability.

May 2012; Spring Giving, More than shaking an online tin, (I was interviewed for this report).

May 2012; Society Guardian Why charities need text appeal published 16 May 2012.

December 2011; Commentary on the 'How people give' section of the UK Giving 2011 report.

October 2011; Osocio, The three campaigns I love and the one I'm not so keen on.

October 2011; Spring Giving, Mobile for individual giving.