Around the web

A collection of articles I've written or interviews I've done for other web sites or publications.

October 2017; I wrote this for the IOF. Exporting ideas and bringing back inspiration from afar... The globalisation of fundraising ideas and opinions. 

September 2017; I contributed comment to this article on digital payments. Six Ways to Attract Donations From People Who Don’t...

September 2017; Facebook launched Facebook Donate in the EU and I was featured in a couple of articles, one for Third Sector and one for UK Fundraising.

July 2017; I was interviewed for the Chat Bubble, a US based podcast about all things messaging. My mum told me that a) it doesn't sound like me, b) that must be my telephone voice and c) I can talk a lot. She's right on that last point.

July 2017; Third Sector, reports from my IOF talk. Mobile technology can transform donations, says digital fundraiser.

June 2017; A guest post for UK Fundraising, We had a quick look into the future and it all looks well. All about our experiences in NYC working on Stand For Rights, the ACLU benefit event broadcast on Facebook Live and using really amazing Facebook Donate tools for the first time.

April 2017; The Charity Digital Toolkit. I was asked to contribute to this and said yes. I contributed to chapter 9, with an article on how digital is changing behaviour.

March 2017; Charity Digital News, What's the future of digital. They asked ever so nicely if they could run one of my blog posts on their website & I said yes. Although I'm not 100% sure of the title.

September 2016; 101Fundraising, Asking the right questions. An opinion on the questions we should be asking in order to drive the most effective change in fundraising.

June 2016; The Guardian, Digital donations are the future. An article based on an interview with me.

April 2016; Third Sector, Untapping the potential of Messenger Apps for charities. Some quotes from me.

2016; Fundraising & Philanthropy Australasia Magazine, (Paywall), The future is fundraising with our thumbs!

March 2015; 101Fundraising, What fundraisers can learn from how activists are using mobile.

March 2014; An article in Charity Times that I was interviewed for.

October 2013; 101Fundraising, Fail Fast, Fail Forward. Thoughts on social media for fundraising, picked up at IFC 2013.

March 2013; The Guardian, Why charities should be using mobile phones to connect with donors.

October 2012; Spring Giving, Sometimes what you need is right in front of you.

October 2012;, Mobilising charity. Some opinions on mobile & fundraising.

October 2012; Guardian Voluntary Sector network blog, Digital is key to sector sustainability.

May 2012; Spring Giving, More than shaking an online tin, (I was interviewed for this report).

May 2012; Society Guardian Why charities need text appeal published 16 May 2012.

December 2011; Commentary on the 'How people give' section of the UK Giving 2011 report.

October 2011; Osocio, The three campaigns I love and the one I'm not so keen on.

October 2011; Spring Giving, Mobile for individual giving.